CSE: LIFT   |   FRA: WS0


The Cali Lease lies within the Little Nahanni Pegmatite Field in the Northwest Territories, near the Yukon border, and was acquired in 2022 with the Yellowknife project.

Size potential of the Cali pegmatite could be up to 1200 m x 60 m x 300 m

The Cali pegmatite was mapped by CSEL in 1977 and described as outcropping over a 500 meter strike length, having a 300 meter outcropping vertical extent, and up to 100 meter widths. Panels of metasedimentary country rock occur within the spodumene-bearing pegmatite, which has been described to have 60 meters of pegmatite dyke material. Float mapping suggests that the lithium-bearing dyke could be up to 1,200 meters in strike length.

The Little Nahanni Pegmatite Field has been noted to have greater than 275 complex rare element pegmatites over an area of 13 by 2.5 kilometers. CSEL also held the Cali pegmatite in the 1970’s which subsequently was acquired during the portfolio acquisition in 1983. 

Cali Overview Map

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