One of the most exciting exploration portfolios of hard rock lithium projects globally:

  • World-class hard-rock lithium potential  
    • Yellowknife Lithium Project: Portfolio of 13 spodumene pegmatites discovered in the 1950s with excellent infrastructure  
    • James Bay region of Quebec: 2,300 km2 of ground around the Whabouchi Li deposit  
    • Cali property in the Northwest Territories: described as a 60m wide spodumene pegmatite that outcrops over 500m of strike  
  • Well-financed and & tight share structure  
    • $18M (Jan 2024) and 34,000m drill program complete 
  • Drilling up to 3 projects in 2023 
    • Resource Development Drilling at the Yellowknife Pegmatites in 2023 
    • Discovery-Stage Diamond Drilling at the Rupert Project in 2023 
    • Potential Scout Drilling at the Cali Project in 2023  
  • Pipeline of targets being advanced in tandem  
    • Early-Stage Exploration at Rupert and Pontax to fill the pipeline with additional drill targets for 2024  

Yallowknife Overview Map

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